Careful upbringing in the formative years of childhood plays a pivotal role in the development of a child’s personality. The teacher in a Montessori classroom serves less as an instructor and more as a guide and facilitator. Dar-ul-Madinah pre-primary schooling is a unique and exclusive system having a Montessori environment integrated with Islamic education. On completion of our pre-service training programme, qualified and dedicated teachers are available for developing the physical and mental characteristics and capabilities of the students in a systematic way. Each class has a dedicated co-teacher for grooming the students’ personalities.

Age criteria for admission
Classes Age Limits
Pre-Nursery 2.8+
Nursery 3.5 +
KG 4.6 +
Primary education develops skills of basic literacy and numeracy in young children. It establishes the foundations of pure science, mathematics, geography, history, and other social sciences. Dar-ul-Madinah primary schooling aims to inculcate the true Islamic spirit keeping in view the required educational needs of growing students. Well-structured and integrated studies enable the students to mature their personalities. We focus on nurturing young pupils to meet with self-confidence, assurance, and the demands of life now and in the future.
Age criteria for admission
Classes Age Limits
Class 1 5.5 +
Class 2 6.5 +
Class 3 7.5 +
Class 4 8.5 +
Class 5 9+
Secondary education is crucial as it lays the foundation for higher studies and the profession one would pursue later. Therefore, it becomes mandatory for us to make secondary education engaging in a way that sparks our students to delve into the possibilities and potential of the future. Our qualified and trained faculty facilitate students to explore and innovate in the classes. Similarly, our co-curricular and extra-curricular activities give life-long learning opportunities to each student.
Age criteria for admission
Classes Age Limits
Class 6 10+
Class 7 11+
Class 8 12+
Class 9 13+
Curriculum for Matriculation
Electives Compulsory
Biology Mathematics
Chemistry English
Computer Urdu
Physics Islamic studies