An educational survey is conducted to ensure client satisfaction in which   a questionnaire has been composed (to be interviewed with parents)  in order to pile up the first hand information regarding three main perspectives (characters) that complete the educational cycle:

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Parents

Parents have been asked regarding the pedagogical and moral attempts exposed by teachers through monitoring for students overall growth reflected in the responses gathered through questionnaire as data collection tool.

Besides, parents / guardians are also asked to monitor students’ reaction and responses such as their experiences about homework, methodologies of teaching and behaviour carried by teacher Islamic sisters. Indeed, questionnaire enquires about students` punctuality in offering Namaz, helping siblings and respecting parents and other relatives.

Third and most significant part of this questionnaire is to have queries even from parents or guardians so that they get to know about their major contribution through wrapped and sandwich approach in the mentoring and up-bringing of children.