Students of Dar-ul-Madinah had the opportunity to visit Magnifi Science Centre, an immersive and interactive science centre located in Karachi. As they entered the centre, the students were greeted by a stunning display of scientific wonders, from exhibits that showcased the physics of light and sound to those that explored the mysteries of the human...
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Dar-ul-Madinah International Islamic School
Educational excursions always give practical and lifelong lessons. Dar-ul-Madinah arranges such field trips for its students from time to time. Recently, Dar-ul-Madinah organized an excursion to historical and monumental places i.e. Lahore Fort, Badshahi Masjid, Minar-e-Pakistan (Tower of Pakistan) and Salt Mines Khewra.
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Collaboration between parents and school can lead to significant benefits for a child’s education. It promotes consistency in guidance and support, improves communication, and creates a positive learning environment that enables the child to succeed and reach their full potential. A Parent Management Meeting-PMM was organised on Saturuday, 4 March 2023. The meeting was attended...
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Educational field trip offers a variety of benefits for students. It not only improves the quality of education but also instils lifetime learning habits in students. Moreover, educational field trips help students understand the importance of learning in context, developing their social education tools, and giving them a true perspective of the path they might...
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