The Training and Inspection Department(TID) was established in the year 2013 and now the Department has developed into full-fledged supportive arm of Darul Madinah Islamic Schooling System.Besides educational capacity building, Madani Tarbiya is also an indispensable part of these Teachers Training Programs, which enable teachers of Dar ul Madinah to provide worldly education under the boundaries of sharia.

It comprehensively meets the pre services and in-service training needs of teachers besides the training needs of the management and administration through a variety of training courses and workshops conducted round the year. Gradually TID’s capacity has risen to training hundreds of teachers in a year.

TID performs activities during the year are as follows:-

  • Pre Service Training (PRESET)
  • Saturday Based Training (SBT)
  • Informed inspection of the Campuses
  • Summer Training Program (STP)
  • Exams Inspection
  • Need Based Training (NBT)
  • Uninformed Inspection
  • Winter Training Program (WTP)

The functioning of the Department is guided by firm philosophical conviction that change is an imperative need of a dynamic and progressive educational system and the teacher is the real agent of change.

The Department strongly believes in creating built-in challenges in the system for its continued progress and growth. Sustained efforts towards teachers’ capacity building, general system improvement and development of reliable evaluation procedures are paying dividends already. Subjective evaluation of the training outcomes in the System over the years undoubtedly presents an encouraging development.